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Dow 452

Dow 452. The Graduate: Acting My Age. Tracks: Ever Met a Day, Acting My Age, Sick and Tired, Dancing Nights, Elvis Should Play Ska, Watching Your World, Julie Juile, Love That is Bad. UK Release.

Idea 810

Idea 810. Shout. B-side: The Big Chair. UK Release.

Idea 910

Idea 910. Everybody Wants to Rule the World. B-side: Pharohs. UK Release.

Idea 1010

Idea 1010. Head Over Heels (Re-mix). B-side: When in Love with a Blind Man. UK Release.

Idea 1110

Idea 1110. I Believe (A Soulful Re-recording). B-side: I Believe, Sea Song. UK Release.

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