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These are pictures of the Tears For Fears World Service releases that were sent to members of this fan club.

Fan club welcome

A Fan Club Welcome!

Fan club photo

Cool Photo Huh?

Tears For Fears' Fan club bio

Tears For Fears Read All About 'em!

Roland's Fan club bio

Roland: Learn More Now.

Curt's Fan club bio

Curt Curt Bo Burt Banana Fana Fo Furt... Ooops sorry.

Manny's Fan club bio

Click For Manny.

Ian's Fan club bio

Ian's on this one.

Fan Club Stationary Order Info

Too bad we can't really order this stuff...


More stuff I wish we could order...

A Special Offer

A special T-shirt offer.

Order Form

The order form for the stuff I wish we could still order.


Another Cool Photo.

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