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We do not use anyone else's scans on our pages. The items you are viewing on this page are items from our personal collection of Magazines,Newspapers,Cd's, Vinyl, Posters, Photos, ect.

Webmasters who would like to grab our scans to use on your own webpages are welcome to, however we ask that you give our site (TEARS FOR FEARS ARCHIVE by S & B's) credit for our scans, and also provide a link to our site.

For your cooperation in this matter we will be happy to add a link to your Web site as well.

Pleasee-mail us if your using our scan(s)and send us your URL so we can add you to our link's

The pictures will load in this frame when you click on a thumbnail picture to the left.

Please Note: We know that many of the articles that appear on our pages are in print to small to be read. Because of the large amount of articles we have and the limited web space available to us we cannot type out what each and every article says. We can provide you with a photocopy of any article you see on our pages and send it to you via snail mail. For more information on this service please e-mail When inquiring about articles, please include the purple 4 digit article number found below the thumbnail picture. If there is no article number please let us know.

Thanks, S&B