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Idpic 10

Idpic 10. Head Over Heels 4-Leaf Clover Pic Disc. B-side: When in Love with a Blind Man. UK Release.

Idpt 12

Idpt 12. Sowing the Seeds of Love Limited Edition Pic Disc #9459. A-side: Sowing the Seeds of Love (Full Version). B-side: Tears Roll Down, Shout (US Remix). UK Release.

Idpic 14

Idpic 14. Advice for the Young at Heart Limited Edition Pic Disc #3255. B-side: Johnny Panic and the Bible of Dreams, Music for Tables. UK Release.

Idpic 15

Idpic 15. Famous Last Words. B-side: Mothers Talk (U.S. Remix). UK Release.

Ideap 16

Ideap 16. Woman in Chains Limited Edition Pic Disc with Poster #2195 of 5000. B-side: Badman's Song, Ghost Papa. UK Release.

Idea 1712

Idea 1712. Laid so Low (Tears Roll Down) Limited Edition Pic Disc #14863. B-side: The Body Wah, Lord of Karma. UK Release.

Bak 2158

Bak 2158. Limited Edition Interview Picture Disc. Some of these were sold as a clock (as pictured), Our collection consists of one with and without the clock. UK Release.

A cool looking bar.

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