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All the items found on the page(s) below are in our collection of TFF stuff. This is only part of our collection, more pics will come soon.

Our Record Award

Our Collection of Recent ReleasesTomcats Screaming Outside

Updated 8-5-2001

Idea 4 RareOur Collection of 7" RecordsIdeag 5

Updated 12-22-00

Idea 1010Our Collection of 10" RecordsIdea 1110

Ideap16Our Collection of Picture DiscsIdpic15    

Tears For Fears World Service. View some of the stuff from the Tears For Fears World Service and Read bios on TFF, Roland, Curt, Ian, and Manny.


Tears For Fears Press Kits.

View some the Tears For Fears Press release kits and read the record company releases on TFF albums.

Added 12-12-2000    

The HurtingOur Collection of Posters and Other Display ItemsTFF Mobile

Added 12-22-00    

A TFF PicOur Collection of Postcards and TFF PhotosA TFF Pic

Updated 7-6-01    

Our Tickets, Backstage Passes, Programs, and other Concert memorabilia.

Added 7-6-01    

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Other cd selections coming soon are

Please select a page to view articles. We have lots and lots of actual articles and pictures of Roland and Curt on each Page. Everything you see on our articles pages are from our own Personal Collection of Magazines and Newspapers. If you have any Magazines or other Tears For Fears/Roland/Curt material for sale please e-mail us.

A Spinning CD A Spinning CD A Spinning CD A Spinning CD A Spinning CD A Spinning CD A Spinning CD

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