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Radio City Music Hall 10/6/85

Found on line at eBay. Purchase Price $5.00

Paris TFF ticket 1990

Found at now defunct internet site. Purchase Price $8.00

Include's the 3"cd. Above Photo show's the sun in a full open position.

Sun fully closed

Purchased in a buy of a TFF fan's collection. Purchase Price $15.00

Ultra Rare Collusion bought from a private collector for $15.00 (Note, this person did not collect TFF and just wanted to sell it to me because i said i buy TFF items)

cool calender august 85

Scan from the inside of Cream Magazine. Purchase price for mag $12.00


All Sheet music was purchased from eBAy, the cheepest costing $1.00 to the most expensive costing $30.00

Playing Cards

These are fun mini playing cards, fairly easy to find on eBay

This item is a large full size scarf. Found on eBay $21.00

Actual Clipping bought on eBay $7.00